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Apprenticeship Program

The Northern California Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program is designed to prepare individuals for the Cement Masonry trade.

As an apprentice, you will develop marketable job skills in a structured training program while receiving an hourly wage and benefits. You will learn cement masonry skills by working with an experienced journey-person on-the-job and by attending supplemental related training classes.

Program Requirements

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, must be physically able to perform the work of the trade, and must be able to read and write English to apply to the Northern California Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program.

Apprenticeship Means Teamwork

It takes the combined efforts of Labor, Management, Government and the Department of Education to create a training program that will keep up with today’s hands-on practice. That’s exactly what we have done.

Apprenticeship Means On-The-Job Training

You will learn new skills by working on-the-job with experienced Journey-level Cement Masons. You will master the tools of the trade with hands-on practice. Daily, you will build new skills and get paid as you learn.

Apprenticeship Means Professional Instruction

The applications of concrete are explored during formal classroom instruction. History of Labor and Management, First Aid, Safety, Math and Builder’s Level are all a part of the program. However, class work is not limited to theory alone. As an apprentice, you will refine your finishing skills under the personal guidance of an Instructor.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

The program take three years to complete and is divided into six (6) periods, consisting of a total of 4,200 on-the-job training and 432 related training hours.

The starting hourly wage for an apprentice is currently set at 65% of the journey-level wage rate. As you advance from each period to the next, your hourly wage increases.

Apprenticeship Application Process

Apprentice On-the-Job & Related Training


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